New ac for your Flower Mound Home? Replacement options that make sense.

We’ve had a quick cut to summer in Flower Mound this year and many people are feeling the crunch on their ac units.  No one likes to feel under pressure to replace their ac, especially in the heat of the summer.  At Calvin’s Climate, we prefer to give our customers time to prepare. However, if you need help replacing in … Read More

Special finance offer with instant decision

Wells Fargo Special Financing Saving money and adding to your home’s comfort level on YOUR terms always makes sense.  At Calvin’s Climate, we understand that having options makes staying comfortable simpler. Keep things simple. Have an instant credit decision by clicking the link below. Click the Wells Fargo Banner below to get started.

Spring is in the Air!

 Bluebonnets, pollen and…air conditioners?! Yes, it’s time to see your friendly Service Technician at Calvin’s Climate for your annual maintenance.  The weather’s been a bit tricky going from cool to warm and back again, but if we have about 65 degrees we can give you a thorough, accurate clean and service.   Service for one unit is $98 and $59 for … Read More

Service After the Sale

What if Something Goes Wrong with my New System? When we buy cars, we always worry, what happens later? If I have an engine light come on, what is covered? At Calvin’s Climate, we understand that purchasing a cooling and heating system for your home is a similar process.  In the Flower Mound, Highland Village and Lewisville areas, our homes … Read More

Replacing Your HVAC System

Heating & AC Company Flower Mound, Denton County - Calvin's Climate

REPLACING YOUR OLD HVAC EQUIPMENT If you’re replacing your HVAC system, when you select Calvin’s Climate, it’s more than just a change of equipment. It’s a design that takes into account your preferences, likes and dislikes, as well as properly sizing the unit for your space. Have hot and cold rooms?  No problem.  We’ll make sure your unit is properly sized … Read More


Air Conditioning - Furnaces - Heat Pumps Denton Co. | Calvin's Climate

With all of life’s uncertainties, Calvin has set up some great financing options. 12 MONTHS, 0% APR Credit is available through Greensky financing.  Their 12 month 0% interest (monthly payments required) plan makes it convenient to pay for your new system over time. When you apply at the button below,  you’ll receive an instant, confidential response. When approved, an account … Read More


Air Conditioning - Furnaces - Heat Pumps Denton Co. | Calvin's Climate

AIR PURIFIERS PROTECT YOUR FAMILY’S HEALTH Up to 72 trillion allergens can find their way into your home every day and the average home generates 40 pounds of dust per year. Germs and Allergens infiltrate our homes every day. At Calvin’s Climate, we have solutions for making your home comfortable for all and that includes more than just temperature. One … Read More


Air Conditioning - Furnaces - Heat Pumps Denton Co. | Calvin's Climate

Calvin’s Climate Family Circle After more than 17 years in business, our customers have become an extended family to us.  When we see your HVAC systems twice per year, we can head off any potential problems and save you time and headache in the hot summer months.  Take advantage of our best pricing and scheduling when you enroll in our … Read More


AC Checkup Flower Mound - Lewisville - Denton

You wouldn’t drive your car 10,000 miles without an oil change or go years without seeing a dentist. Just like anything we depend on to provide us with a long standing service, our HVAC systems need some TLC every now and then—especially with the weather in Flower Mound and our harsh seasonal use. HVAC preventative maintenance They say an ounce … Read More