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Calvin saved me over $3500!

“My downstairs AC unit wasn’t cooling like it should and I had one of the larger companies come out for a regular inspection. They identified that I was low on coolant but were unable to identify the source of the leak. They decided it was most likely my coil and quoted me $3800 to replace it. The price seemed high based on what I could see with a quick Google search so I decided to get a 2nd quote. I called Calvin’s, didn’t provide much detail other than I needed a quote to replace the coil for my 5 ton unit. Without knowing the other price or the original equipment quoted, Calvin quoted me the same product for $2400. Calvin came out that evening to inspect and make sure they would be good to install the coil the next day – he couldn’t find a leak around the coil and ended up identifying the source of the leak was most likely due to a missing cap on my compressor unit. He topped off my coolant, added some dye so if there is a leak elsewhere we can spot it, replaced the cap and charged me about $225.”

–Angie’s List